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Answer sheet papers which are separate from the question sheets, are used for automatically marking multiple choice question exams tests and assessments with Optical Mark Recognition software. The answer sheets are used by exam respondents for answering the questions by shading in the corresponding checkbox bubbles, using a dark pen or pencil. The completed Answer sheet papers commonly called bubble sheets, are scanned and the filled in bubbles are automatically captured by optical mark recognition software. Optical mark recognition software for marking multiple choice questions, saves a lot of time that would once have been spent manually marking exam papers and also saves money because the answer sheets are printed on plain paper. Answer sheet papers for OMR software, are printed on plain white paper and scanned with a regular lazer scanner then uploaded into OMR Software which detects the filled in checkboxes and converts the captured checkboxes into value data. Once the answer sheets have been scanned into the software, fast processing of the answer sheets is done at a rate of around 30 pages per minute.

Free Answer sheets Download and Print a range of differently designed Answer Sheets to print on Letter size paper or A4 size Paper - 20 question answer sheets; 40 question answer sheets; 50 question answer sheets and 100 question answer sheets.

An answer sheet with 100 rows of checkboxes used for answering multiple choice exam questions by filling in the chosen checkbox with a dark pen or pencil.

OMR software used for automatically marking answer sheets, is a less expensive option to traditional OMR readers, needing only a modern pc or laptop computer, a printer and document scanner to work.

Create and Print OMR Answer Sheets

Free Printable Answer sheet 100 Question Template

Download and print your own paper Answer sheets for conducting multiple choice tests, exams, quizzes and assessments. Realize the advantage of reducing the grading time of Answer Sheets which can be quickly scanned with a document scanner and automatically graded and scored on your pc or laptop computer with OMR Software.

Image: An Answer sheet exam paper is printed from an answer sheet template, which is designed using the built in OMR software, answer sheet editor.

The Free OMR Software Download - 30day free trial includes the fully visual OMR answer sheet template maker and the OMR form processor, so you can create your own answer sheets and scan them with your regular image scanner (no special scanner required) to automatically grade on your pc or laptop computer.

template editor

Use the answer sheet template editor, with the tools to easily add banks of checkboxes, barcodes and many other fields to make your finished answer sheet template look the way you want and capture data the way you want.

Design Printable paper answer sheets for quizzes, tests, assessments, exams, ballot papers and survey sheets. Add a checkbox bubble grid, to capture student ID numbers with OMR software. The student ID numbers filled into the grid link student records in a data table with the answer sheet results belonging to them. The OMR detected answer sheet data is converted and saved as computer data in the omr software. This data can be easily exported to an external excel spreadsheet or other management software installed on your computer.